Star Ambassadors

Star ambassadors

As an educational program, Starry Chicago hopes to spread the word through star ambassadors. Our sustainability relies on the star ambassadors that will encourage their peers to get excited about the night sky.


How Do You Become A Star Ambassador?

To become a star ambassador one would have to demonstrate interest in the program itself by attending a Star Party and requesting to participate. After requesting to be an ambassador, we will remain in touch with you within a few days. If we are not responsive, feel free to contact us.


What Are The Requirements?

  • Must be an elementary school student (Grades 3-5 preferably)
  • Must have attended at least one star party event.
  • Must have attended a training class/classes.
  • Must be comfortable with socializing with people.
  • Must have taken a class about the planets/solar systems


What Can You Do To Be Prepared?

Although realistically you won't be able to make change happen within a day, you can further research about the night sky using online tools and find ways you can help reduce light pollution in your own community. This way , you can help spread the ideas and knowledge of the night sky to other people and encourage them to take a stand against light pollution.







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