Star Parties

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On April, Amundsen’s Aspen Challenge team hosted star parties. Activities included reading storybooks in the workshop ‘Starry Café’ and challenging kids on what they thought the Chicago night sky appears to be in the workshop ‘Imagine the Stars’. But this fun filled event didn’t end there: elementary school students were also able to have a hands on experience through 3D demos online in the workshop ‘Astro Geek Academy’. Another technical workshop that was offered was ‘Fight The Light’ where kids learned the distinctions between effective and ineffective lighting.

Throughout these workshops, free beverages and snacks were available. Kids were also able to give their testimonies on the experience and their opinion on light pollution. Once it was dark enough, we were able to use telescopes! It was so exciting to see the bright smiles of the children when they looked through the lens. I recalled one boy saying “I see Jupiter and its moons!” It was a memorable experience.

We were also able to reach out to high school students and educate them on the issue. They raised thoughtful questions and seemed engaged in our cause. It was an invigorating experience.

Thank you to all who came and those who helped 🙂

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